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Duet Translation Agency

Duet Translation Agency has been providing translation services, as well as a full range of related services since 2008. Experience gained and professional selection of translators enable us to provide services meeting the highest requirements and standards.

The main activities of Duet Translation Agency: translation of texts and documents. The main translation areas: legal translation, technical translation, medical translation, translation of economic texts, etc. We have extensive experience in translating fiction, advertising texts, as well as the provision of related services to the highest level.

Duet Translation Agency has a sufficient staff of professional translators to translate texts from all major languages and a wide range of topics, including law, economics, management, health, engineering, information technology (IT), etc.

Duet Translation Agency does not cooperate with the translators with no translation experience or with experience of such work less than five years. Unfortunately, there are no miracles! Translator is a job, for which only a desire to work and a talent are not enough, you need a lot of experience. In addition, our company provides translation and proofreading by the native-speakers of major European languages.

Duet Translation Agency is focused primarily on online work with the customers, i.e., our customers can order, pay and receive translations without leaving the office. However, if the documents require notarization or if it is more convenient for the customer to bring the documents to our office, we are waiting for you in our office!

Our translation agency is rightly proud of promptness of our work. Our translators can do the work in the evenings and on weekends and holidays.

Duet Translation Agency aims at long-term cooperation with its customers. For this purpose, we have developed a special corporate cooperation program and system of discounts.

We focus not only on the quality of translations, meeting deadlines, but also on the service level. Professional service should create positive experience for the customers.

Duet Translation Agency team is always glad to help the prosperity and development of your company!

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